What is CPS Real Men Read?
Real Men Read is a Chicago Public Schools (CPS) program that brings men into our schools to read to students for one hour each month.




What is the purpose of CPS Real Men Read? 
CPS Real Men Read has a four-fold purpose: 
1. To show students who real men are, that real men do in fact read and that real men value education. 
2. To encourage and improve literacy skills of our students. 
3. To provide mentoring opportunities for men with CPS students. 
4. To demonstrate the importance of student achievement and community partnerships.

Who can be a Mentor?
Men of all walks of life can be mentors. Doctors, janitors, bankers, firemen, educators and postmen are all readers.

What types of books and guidance will CPS Real Men Read provide?
CPS Real Men Read will offer a selection of culturally relevant and grade appropriate books. MENtors will receive lesson plans for each book title to assist them with leading a reading discussion.