Lets Sponsor Demo Notice


This web site is prepared as a demonstration (demo) of the Lets Sponsor’s work.  This is not a working example or beta test.  The site is for example only.  The name of the group is a fiction.  The site is not to be used for any transaction, sale or donation.  The amounts set for donation are not real except for example only.  You should not enter your credit card information.


Pictures and images used on the site are for example only and are not posted with permission.  The sponsors and logos are for example only and not intended to violate or offend any owner.  They are not being shown to the public or for any economic benefit.    If there are pictures, profiles or sponsorships that have objections they may be taken down and removed upon notice.


The web site development is a work in process and being updated from time to time.  Features are being added and edited.  Please feel free to contact us for the most recent version.


This site is strictly private and confidential.  Only people who are personally and directly invited are allowed to view the site.  The site and its URL address are not to be forwarded.  No email invitation is to be forwarded with out prior notice and permission in each instance.


The site and its general business are protected by US Patents with patents pending.  The names of the patents are “Method and Process to Create Ad books” and “Method and Process to Create Advertising Books”. To see the patents you may do a Google search for Patents, the inventor’s name Bruce Fogelson and Ad Book or contact us for a copy.


The site is not being used as a solicitation for investment.  It is not an offer to invest and any investment opportunity should be strictly referred to Lets Sponsor, the company.  There is nothing on the site that is represented and nothing should be relied upon. 


We look forward to your feedback and value your remarks and suggestions.  Please be so kind as to contact us at Bruce@LetsSponsor.com to make your comments or for notice.


Lets Sponsor is a DBA of AdBook, LLC, and Illinois Limited Liability Company.


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